Neff C17MR02N0B instruction manual and user guide

Device Category: Kitchen Appliances
Device Group: Built-in Oven
Brand: Neff
Model: C17MR02N0B


Sue Lloyd
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I have recently had this combi microwave installed but find the microwave oven a bit puzzling! I was led to believe that the max microwave wattage is 1000, but find that even using the max option, food is taking much longer to cook than it did when using my old 850 watt! Your advice is much appreciated.
Robert Lawrence
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Please advise how to set correct time and date on display pannal. Thank you
Steve Cawkwell
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Hi. Will this device work ok on a 13amp plug ?
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what is power rating for this device? many thanks Dave
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Hi do I have to dry the microwave after every use, how to I do it?
S Shergold
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Could you please tell the internal measurements of the NEFF C17MR02N0B microwave/oven. Thanks.
Phillip Jaques
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Instruction how ro remove internal light bulb and cover