Arris DG3270A/NA instruction manual and user guide

Device Category: Network Equipments
Device Group: Cable Modem
Brand: Arris
Model: DG3270A/NA
Arris DG3270A/NA User Guide User Guide 38 pdf 858.83KB


Chris Tubb
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I want to turn off the wifi radio. I turned off the ssid broadcasts but cant find where to turn off the radio signal. Help
Jeff A Vuncannon
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Do I need a router with this device to wirelessly send to laptop tablet or smart tv?
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I have your modem I'm trying to hook up cameras with the ether net cable. I have the camera DVR plugged into the first slot on the Arris but all I get is an orange light. I've tried resting it unplugging Everything I don't know what else to do
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Can I use a USB antenna in the USB port to boost my signal and if so how well will it boost it