Legrand Wiremold B-81 Installation Guide Page: 1

Series Raceway is ideal for surface
mounting small amounts of electrical wiring or
communication cables. These rugged raceways offer
a low profile appearance which blends with any
decor. V500
Series Raceway comes with our
exclusive ScuffCoat
finish for increased
durability and scratch-resistance.
Series Metal Raceway
One-Piece Metal Raceway
Features & BeneFits
> Low-profile, unobtrusive appearance. Blends with
any decor or setting. Excellent for low-voltage wiring.
> ScuffCoat finish. Tough, durable, scratch-resistant
finish which can be overpainted with latex paint.
> Surface mounting. Eliminates disturbing the building
structure or wall finish to make renovations easy.
> Full line of fittings. Provides unlimited wiring solutions
and interconnection between raceway systems.
> Fittings have removable covers. Allows easy access
to wiring for changes and additions.
> Comunication connectivity options. Accepts industry
standard and proprietary devices from a wide range
of manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically
pleasing interface for voice, communication and A/V
applications at the point of use.
> UL5 and ADA compliant. Raceway and fittings meet
UL5 specifications and can be installed in conformance
with ADA requirements.
> UL and cUL Listed component raceways. File E4376
Guide RJBT, Fittings: File E41751 Guide RJPR. Meets
Article 386 of NEC and meets Section 12-600 of CEC.
V500 Series
Raceway profile
For more information, visit www.legrand.us/wiremold
Typical applications for
V500 Series Raceway
V500 Series Raceway and components
used in a ceiling fan installation