Metabo ASE18 LTX Bare Warranty Page: 1

All Metabo Power Tools have been carefully tested and
inspected before shipment and are warrantied to the original
purchaser to be free from defects in workmanship and
materials for period of 3-years (36 months) from original
user’s date of purchase. This limited warranty does not
apply to damage that Metabo determines to be from misuse,
alterations, abuse, normal wear and tear, lack of
maintenance, accidents, or repairs made by or attempted by
anyone other than Metabo authorized personnel. Valid Proof
of Purchase such as a sales receipt is required to qualify for
warranty programs.
30 Day Performance Guarantee
If in the first 30 days from purchase, a tool fails to perform to
Metabo’s specifications
it should be sent pre-paid
postage to
the Metabo Corporate Service Center*. If the tool is found by
Metabo to contain defects in workmanship or materials, Metabo
will replace the tool free of charge.
3-Year Limited Warranty
After the first 30 days from purchase, Metabo will repair or replace
a power tool which upon inspection is determined to be defective
in either workmanship or materials for a period of three 3-years
(36 months) from original date of purchase. If a tool fails to
perform to Metabo’s factory specifications
, it should be sent pre-
paid postage
to Metabo’s Corporate Service Center* or one of
our regionally located Authorized Service Centers**.
Metabo MAX Repair Program
To help maintain the performance of your Metabo power tools and
to reduce possible downtime, Metabo publishes
a maximum
repair cost for their tools. The MMR program guarantees
you will not pay more than the published “MAX Repair” rate for
that tool (the fee could be less if the repair is minor). The MMR
program is independent of the Metabo warranty and applies to
tools that are sent to Metabo’s Corporate Service Center*. MMR
services include:
Teardown inspection
Cleaning and lubrication
Replacement of any worn and/or damaged parts with
genuine Metabo replacement parts
Full performance and safety tests
Metabo reserves the right to replace your tool with one of equal or
higher value
should the repair cost exceed Metabo’s MAX Repair
threshold. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse to repair a
tool at the Metabo MAX Repair price if the tool is assessed as
unrepairable, for example: missing parts, damaged or worn beyond
reasonable repair, tool is obsolete, or is not included in the
published Max Repair Program list.
3-Year Warranty: Ultra-M Battery and Charger
Metabo’s patented Ultra-M Technology features an intelligent
monitoring system in which the tool, battery and charger
communicate to assure the battery cells are properly and safely
charged and discharged. For these reasons, Metabo provides a
3-year warranty on the battery and charger - regardless of the
number of recharges. If the battery fails to charge due to defects in
materials or workmanship, Metabo will replace that battery free of
charge. This warranty applies to all Metabo Lithium-Ion 18V
batteries that are 3.0 Ah and higher.
Warranty registration is not required for Metabo power tools sold in
the United States. The 3-year warranty period is based on a valid
proof-of-purchase and only applies to products purchased on or
after October 1, 2013. Products purchased prior to 10/1/13 will be
covered under the previous 1-year standard warranty.
*Metabo Corp. Repair Center
1231 Wilson Drive
West Chester, PA 19380
** For a complete list of Regional Service Centers, visit
(1) Original manufactures specifications can be found at or in our catalog.
(2) Customer is responsible for shipping all products to Authorized Service Centers and return
charges for non-warranty repairs. Return of products repaired under warranty will be paid by
(3) The MMR list can be found on or by contacting your local Metabo Rep.
(4) The Metabo Corp Repair Center makes final decision on MMR eligibility. Customer has option
to repair their Metabo tools outside of the MMR program, however if repairs are attempted or
performed by an unauthorized Metabo facility, then any existing tool warranty is voided.
(5) We will replace with same model if that model is still current and in stock. A new model will be
substituted if original model is out of production.
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