Studio Shed 19197-8 Use and Care Manual Page: 1

With proper care and maintenance, your Studio Shed is designed to look and per-
form years down the road as well as it did the day your installation was completed.
Below are some recommendations to keep your Studio Shed in optimal condition.
• Keep grass and vegetation trimmed around the exterior of your Studio
• Ensure that your Studio Shed remains above grade - do not pile soil or dirt
around the base of your Studio Shed.
• Do not stack anything against the exterior of your Studio Shed.
• Locking doorknobs should be lubricated seasonally with graphite or similar
to ensure smooth operation.
• Do not allow sprinklers to spray directly against the exterior of your Studio
• Inspect paint and maintain as necessary. Studio Shed uses a commercial
grade exterior paint, which should last for many years. Touch-up may be
necessary depending on your exposure and climate.
• Doors and windows have extended manufacturer warranties. For more
information please visit: and
• Inspect exterior caulking and sealing around windows and doors annually,
reseal or re-caulk as necessary. Frequency depends on exposure and cli