Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 7

Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 7
Ensure the drain hose is securely
attached, to prevent it coming away
while the machine is in use and
causing a flood.
Fit hose to waste securely using
a “Jubilee” type clip.
Anti-flooding protection*
To ensure floods do not occur, the dishwasher:
- is provided with a special system which blocks the water supply
in the event of anomalies or leaks from inside the appliance.
Some models are also equipped with the supplementary safety
device New Acqua Stop*, which guarantees anti-flooding
protection even in the event of a supply hose rupture.
contains live electrical parts.
that occur if these regulations are not observed.
Advice regarding the first wash cycle
After the installation, remove the stoppers from the racks and the
retaining elastic elements from the upper rack, if any.
Immediately before the first washing, completely fill the salt
overflow: this is normal and is not a cause for concern. Select
refined salt). - After the salt has been poured into the machine,
If the salt dispenser is not filled, the water softener and the
heating element may get damaged as a result.
The machine has a buzzer/set of tones
(depending on the
dishwasher model
) to inform the user that a command has
been implemented: power on, cycle end etc.
The symbols/indicator lights/LEDs on the control panel/
display may vary in colour and may have a flashing or fixed
(depending on the dishwasher model)
The display* provides useful information concerning the
type of wash cycle, wash cycle phase, remaining time,
temperature etc.
* Onlyavailableinselectedmodels.