Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 6

Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 6
Technical data
width 59,5 cm
height 82 cm
depth 57 cm
Capacity 13 standard place-settings
Water supply
0,05 ÷ 1MPa (0.5 ÷ 10 bar)
7,25 – 145 psi
Power supply voltage See appliance data plate
Total absorbed power See appliance data plate
Fuse See appliance data plate
This dishwasher conforms to the
following European Community
-2006/95/EC (Low Voltage)
-2004/108/EC (Electromagnetic
-2009/125/EC (Comm. Reg.
1016/2010) (Ecodesign)
-97/17/EC (Labelling)
-2012/19/EU Waste Electrical
and Electronic Equipment
The Company shall not be held responsible for any
incidents that occur if these regulations are not observed.
Anti-condensation strip*
After installing the dishwasher, open the door and stick the
adhesive transparent strip under the wooden shelf in order to
protect it from any condensation which may form.
Connecting the water supplies
only be performed by a qualified technician.
The dishwasher should not stand on top of the water
hoses or the electricity supply cable.
Connecting the water inlet hose
The water inlet and outlet hoses and the electricity supply
cable may be positioned towards the right or the left in order
to achieve the best possible installation.
• Toasuitablecoldwaterconnectionpoint:beforeattaching
the hose, run the water until it is perfectly clear so that any
impurities that may be present in the water do not clog the
appliance; after performing this operation, screw the inlet
hose tightly onto a tap with a ¾ gas threaded connection.
• Toasuitablehotwaterconnectionpoint:yourdishwasher
may be provided with hot water from the mains supply (if
you have a central heating system with radiators) provided
Screw the hose to the tap as described for connection to
a cold water supply.
If the inlet hose is not long enough, contact a specialist
store or an authorised technician
(see Assistance)
The water pressure must be within the values indicated
in the Technical data table
(see Installation).
The hose should not be bent or compressed.
The appliance must be connected to the water supply
network using new hoses.
Ensure that the new hose supplied is connected and the old
hose is disposed of safely.
Ensure the fill hose is not kinked.
Tap connections*: A range of adaptors are available to
suit your tap.
DO NOT connect the dishwasher to asingleoutlet
instantaneous water heater or an electric heater.
Sink Waste System
rests (A).
• beforeconnecting the drain hose, remove any internal
restrictions; this will prevent a build up of debris which
could cause a blockage
• removeanyrestrictionsfromthewastespigotandensure
that the sealing bung is removed (B).
of the appliance.
• If fitting an under sink waste disposal unit, cut out the
membrane, bung or blanking plug.
* Onlyavailableinselectedmodels.