Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 5

Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 5
If the appliance must be moved at any time, keep it
in an upright position; if absolutely necessary, it may be
tilted onto its back.
Positioning and levelling
has not been damaged during transportation.
If it has been damaged, contact the retailer and do not proceed
any further with the installation process.
panel are in contact with the adjacent cabinets or even with
the wall. This appliance can also be recessed under a single
(see the Assembly instruction sheet).
3. Position the dishwasher on a level and sturdy floor. If the
floor is uneven, the front feet of the appliance may be adjusted
until it reaches a horizontal position. If the appliance is levelled
correctly, it will be more stable and much less likely to move or
cause vibrations and noise while it is operating.
4*. Adjust the height of the rear foot from the front of the
appliance on the central lower part of the dishwasher, turning
a hexagonal spanner (red color) with an opening of 8 mm in a
clockwise direction to increase the height or in an anticlockwise
direction to decrease the height.
The dishwasher meets the requirements set out by the
regulations in force concerning safety and electrical equipment.
Any technical checks should be conducted exclusively by
a trained and authorised technician: Repairs carried out by
unaithorised persons will invalidate the guarantee, as well as
posing a potential hazard to the user.
The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage to
persons or property resulting from failure to observe the above
precautions, from tampering with even a single component or
from the use of non-original spare parts.
Electrical Connection
Before inserting the plug into the electrical socket, make sure
• thesocketisearthedandcomplieswithcurrentregulations;
• thesocketcanwithstandthemaximumloadoftheappliance,
which is indicated on the data plate located on the inside of
the door
• thepowersupplyvoltagefallswithinthevaluesindicatedon
the data plate on the inside of the door;
• thesocketiscompatiblewiththeplugoftheappliance.Ifthis
is not the case, ask an authorised technician to replace the
(see After Sales Service)
; do not use extension cables
or multiple sockets.
cable and the electrical socket should be easily accessible.
The cable should not be bent or compressed.
If the power supply cable is damaged, it must be replaced
by the manufacturer or its Technical Assistance Service in order
to prevent all potential hazards.
(See After Sales Service)
This appliance must be earthed.
replacement may be obtained from your local authorised Service
by colour coding or the marking on base of plug.
Changing the Plug
plug into a socket anywhere else.
following code:
Green/Yellow- Earth
Blue - Neutral
Brown - Live
If you change the plug, the colour of the wires in the mains lead
may not correspond with the terminal markings in the plug, which
if not coloured, could be:
EARTH ‘E’or
LIVE ‘L’
Changing the Mains Lead
A lead can be ordered from Hotpoint Service
- If you have damaged the existing lead or require a longer one
a charge will be made. It is strongly advised that this work is
carried out by a qualified electrician.
- If the domestic wiring includes a residual current-operated
circuit breaker, ensure that it conforms to the latest regulations.
The dishwasher must not be connected to the electricity supply
while installation is being carried out.
source, via a properly installed earthed socket.
open, this could damage the door or cause the appliance to
tip forward.