Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 14

Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 14
Shutting off the water and electricity
• Turnoffthewatertapaftereverywashcycletoavoidleaks.
• Always unplug the appliance when cleaning it and when
performing maintenance work.
Cleaning the dishwasher
• Theexternalsurfacesofthemachineandthecontrolpanel
can be cleaned using a non-abrasive cloth which has been
• Anymarksontheinsideoftheappliancemayberemoved
using a cloth dampened with water and a little vinegar.
Preventing unpleasant odours
• Alwayskeepthedooroftheapplianceajarinordertoavoid
moisture from forming and being trapped inside the machine.
• Cleanthesealsaroundthedooranddetergentdispensers
regularly using a damp sponge. This will avoid food becoming
trapped in the seals, which is the main cause behind the
formation of unpleasant odours.
Cleaning the sprayer arms
Food residue may become encrusted onto the sprayer arms
and block the holes used to spray the water. It is therefore
recommended that you check the arms from time to time and
clean them with a small non-metallic brush.
The two sprayer arms may both be removed.
To remove the upper sprayer
arm, turn the plastic locking ring
in an anti-clockwise direction.
The upper sprayer arm should be
replaced so that the side with the
greater number of holes is facing
The lower sprayer arm can be
removed by pressing on the side
tabs and pulling it upwards.
Cleaning the water inlet filter*
If the water hoses are new or have not been used for an extended
period of time, let the water run to make sure it is clear and free of
impurities before performing the necessary connections. If this
precaution is not taken, the water inlet could become blocked
and damage the dishwasher.
- Turn off the water tap.
clean it carefully under running water.
Cleaning the filters
The filter assembly consists of three filters which remove food
residues from the washing water and then recirculate the water.
They should be cleaned if you wish to achieve the best results
in every wash.
The dishwasher should not be used without filters or if the
filter is loose.
clean it thoroughly under running water, using a non-metallic
brush and following the instructions below:
1. Turn the cylindrical filter C in an anti-clockwise direction and
pull it out
2.RemovethecupfilterB by exerting a slight pressure on the
side flaps
3. Slide out the stainless-steel plate filter A.
(fig. 3).
4. Inspect the trap and remove any food residues. NEVER
REMOVE the wash-cycle pump protection
(black detail) (fig.4).
After cleaning the filters, re-place the filter assembly and fix it in
position correctly; this is essential for maintaining the efficient
operation of the dishwasher.
Leaving the machine unused for extended
• Disconnecttheappliancefromtheelectricitysupplyandshut
off the water tap.
• Leavethedooroftheapplianceajar.
Care and maintenance