Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 11

Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 11
Start-up and use
Measuring out the detergent
A good wash result also depends on the correct
amount of detergent being used. Exceeding the stated
amount does not result in a more effective wash and
increases environmental pollution.
Based on how soiled the items are, the amount can be
adjusted to individual cases using powder or liquid
In the case of normally soiled items, use approximately
either 35 gr (powder detergent) or 35 ml (liquid detergent).
If tablets are used, one tablet will be enough.
If the crockery is only lightly soiled or if it has been rinsed
with water before being placed in the dishwasher, reduce
the amount of detergent used accordingly.
For good washing results also follow the instructions shown
on the detergent box.
For further questions please ask the detergent producers'
Advice Offices.
To open the detergent dispenser use the opening device “A”.
Introduce the detergent into the dry dispenser “B” only.
Place the amount of detergent for pre-washing directly
inside the tub.
cycles to add the proper quantity.
Compartment B comprises a level showing the maximum
quantity of liquid or powder detergent that can be added to
each cycle.
and close the cover until it clicks.
the closing device is secured in place.
The detergent dispenser automatically opens up at the right time
according to the wash cycle.
If all-in-one detergents are used, we recommend using the TABS
option, because it adjusts the cycle so that the best washing
and drying results are always achieved.
Only use detergent which has been specifically designed
for dishwashers.
DO NOT USE washing-up liquid.
Using excessive detergent may result in foam residue
remaining in the machine after the cycle has ended.
The use of tablets is only recommended for models which
To achieve the best results from each washing and drying
cycle, powder detergent, liquid rinse aid and salt should
be used.
Starting the dishwasher
4. Load the racks
(see Loading the racks)
and shut the door.
5. Select the wash cycle by turning the WASH CYCLE
SELECT knob clockwise: align the notch in the knob with
the number/symbol representing the desired wash cycle.
6. Select the wash options*
(see Special wash cycles and
will sound* and the indicator light corresponding to the wash
phase will go on to signal that the cycle has begun.
8. At the end a few beeps * will signal the end of the wash cycle
and the END indicator light will go on. Switch off the appliance by
the appliance from the electricity socket.
9.Waitafewminutesbeforeremovingthecrockery toavoid
- The machine will switch off automatically during
certain periods of inactivity in order to minimise
electricity consumption.
Changing a wash cycle in progress
If a mistake was made in the wash cycle selection process, it
is possible to change the cycle provided that it has only just
begun: once the wash cycle has started, in order to change
the wash cycle switch off the machine by pressing and
same button and select the desired wash cycle and options.
Adding extra crockery
light will flash. Open the door, taking care to avoid the
escaping steam, and place the crockery inside the
appliance. Press the Start/Pause button (fixed light): the
cycle starts again.
(if selected) are interrupted.
At this stage the wash cycle cannot be changed.
Accidental interruptions
If the door is opened during the wash cycle or there is a
power cut, the cycle stops. It starts again from the point at
which it was interrupted once the door has been shut or the
electricity supply restored.