Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 10

Hotpoint LSB5B019XUK Instructions for use Page: 10
Adjusting the height of the upper rack
In order to make it easier to arrange the crockery, the upper rack
may be moved to a higher or lower position.
The height of the upper rack should be adjusted WHEN THE
NEVER raise or lower the rack on one side only.
If the rack is equipped with a Lift-Up device*
(see figure)
, lift
it up by holding its sides. To restore the lower position, press
the levers (A) at the sides of the rack and follow the rack down.
Unsuitable crockery
• Woodencrockeryandcutlery.
• Delicatedecoratedglasses,artistichandicraftandantique
crockery. Their decorations are not resistant.
• Parts in synthetic material which do not withstand high
• Copperandtincrockery.
• Crockerysoiledwithash,wax,lubricatinggreaseorink.
change and fade during the washing process. Some types of
glass (e.g. crystal objects) can become opaque after a number
of wash cycles too.
Damage to glass and crockery
• Typeofglassandglassproductionprocess.
• Chemicalcompositionofdetergent.
• Watertemperatureofrinsecycle.
Only useglassesandporcelainguaranteedby the
manufacturer as dishwasher safe.
• Useadelicatedetergentsuitableforcrockery.
• Collectglassesandcutleryfromthedishwasherassoonas
the wash cycle is over.
The upper rack can be adjusted for height based on requirements:
high position to place bulky crockery in the lower rack and low
by creating more space upwards.
Tip-up compartments with adjustable position
The side tip-up compartments can be positioned at three
different heights to optimize the arrangement of crockery inside
the rack.
by inserting the stem of each glass into the corresponding slots.
Cutlery tray*
Some dishwasher models are fitted with a sliding tray which
can be used to hold serving utensils or small cups. For optimum
washing performance avoid positioning bulky crockery directly
below the tray. The cutlery tray can be removed
(see Figure).
Before loading the tray, make sure the supports are properly
coupled to the upper rack
(see Figure).