KitchenAid KUID508ESS Use & Care Guide Page: 11

KitchenAid KUID508ESS Use & Care Guide Page: 11
Replace the Water Filter
To purchase a replacement water filter, see “Accessories.”
Replace the disposable water filter when indicated on the water
filter status display or at least every 9 months. If the ice making
rate decreases before the Replace Filter light illuminates, then
replace the filter.
1. Locate the water filter compartment in the right-hand side of
the control housing. See Step 3 in the “Install Water Filter”
2. Turn the water filter counterclockwise (to the left), and pull it
straight out of the compartment.
NOTE: There may be some water in the filter. Some spilling
may occur.
3. Install the replacement water filter by following steps
2 through 5 in the “Install the Water Filter” section.
How Your Ice Maker Works
When you first start your ice maker, the water pan will fill and the
system will rinse itself before starting to make ice. The rinsing
process takes about 5 minutes.
Under normal operating conditions, the ice maker will cycle at
preset temperatures. The ice level sensor located in the ice
storage bin will monitor the ice levels.
IMPORTANT: If the water supply to the ice maker is turned off,
be sure to set the ice maker control to OFF.
The Ice Making Process
1. Water is constantly circulated over a freezing plate. As the
water freezes into ice, the minerals in the water are rejected.
This produces a sheet of ice with a low mineral content.
2. When the desired thickness is reached, the ice sheet is
released and slides onto a cutter grid. The grid divides the
sheet into individual cubes.
3. The water containing the rejected minerals is drained after
each freezing cycle.
4. Fresh water enters the machine for the next ice making cycle.
5. Cubes fall into the storage bin. When the bin is full, the ice
maker shuts off automatically and restarts when more ice is
needed. The ice bin is not refrigerated, and some melting will
occur. The amount of melting varies with room temperature.
NOTE: As the room and water temperatures vary, so will the
amount of ice produced and stored. This means that higher
operating temperatures result in reduced ice production.
Using the Controls
1. To start ice production, press ON/OFF.
2. To stop ice maker operation, press ON/OFF.
Pressing the On/Off button does not shut off power to the ice
Allow 24 hours to produce the first batch of ice. Discard the
first 2 batches produced.