Weed Eater 967704801 SDS Page: 4

Weed Eater 967704801 SDS Page: 4
Product name: Lithium ion rechargeable battery cell Reference number: SDS-IAT-00002
Establishment / Revision: Jan. 1, 2013
In the case of transportation, avoid exposure to high temperature and prevent the formation of any
condensation. Take in a cargo of them without falling, dropping and breakage. Prevent collapse of cargo piles
and wet by rain. The container must be handled carefully. Do not give shocks that result in a mark of hitting on
a cell. Please refer to Section 7-HANDLING AND STORAGE also.
UN regulation
UN number: 3480 (3481 when the battery is contained in equipment or packed with equipment)
Proper shipping name:
Lithium ion batteries (“lithium ion batteries contained in equipment” or “lithium ion batteries packed with
Class: 9 *
Packing group: II *
* However this product is defined as above, it is not recognized as "DANGEROUS GOODS" or is treated
as almost non-DANGEROUS GOODS when its transport condition accords with instructions or
provisions depend on region and transportation mode.
About the instructions or provisions, please see descriptions in box brackets of following regulations.
Regulation depends on region and transportation mode
Worldwide, air transportation:
IATA-DGR [As non-DANGEROUS GOODS: "packing instruction 965 section II" /
Almost as above however displayed as DANGEROUS GOODS: "packing instruction 965 section IB"]
(When batteries are packaged with equipments or contained in equipments, refer packing instruction
966 or 967 instead of 965.)
Worldwide, sea transportation:
IMO-IMDG Code [special provision 188]
Europe, road transportation:
ADR [special provision 188]
Regulations specifically applicable to the product:
Wastes Disposal and Public Cleaning Law [Japan]
Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of resources [Japan]
US Department of Transportation 49 Code of Federal Regulations [USA]
* About overlapping regulations, please refer to Section 14-TRANSPORT INFOMATION.