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Plan a layout for your deck before starting it to ensure the best possible looking deck for
your project. Building codes and zoning ordinances generally apply to permanent
structures, meaning anything that is anchored to the ground or attached to the house. So
nearly every kind of deck requires permits and inspections from a local building
department. We recommend drawing out a site plan of your proposed project that you
intend to do to minimize errors and make your perfect deck.
NewTechWood UltraShield is NOT intended for use as columns, support posts, beams,
joist stringers or other primary load-bearing members. NewTechWood must be
supported by a code-compliant substructure. While NewTechWood products are great
for deck re-planking (removing old deck surface planks and installing NewTechWood on
code-compliant substructure), NewTechWood boards CANNOT be installed on existing
deck boards.
NewTechWood UltraShield SHOULD NOT be routed aside from routing a groove on the
side of solid boards US-07 for start/stop of UltraShield locking systems.
Static build-up is a natural occurring phenomenon that can occur with many plastic
products. Dry and windy environments may make this even more apparent, this all
varies depending on the climate and age of the deck.
IMPORTANT: Read all sections before you start
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Prior to installing any composite decking system it is
recommended that you check with local building codes for any
special requirements or restrictions. The diagrams and
instructions outlined in this guide are for illustration purposes only
and are not meant or implied to replace a licensed professional.
Any construction or use of NewTechWood must be in accordance
with all local zoning and/or building codes. The consumer
assumes all risks and liability associated with the construction
and use of this product.
When dealing with any type of construction project it is necessary
to wear appropriate safety equipment to avoid any risk of injuries.
NewTechWood recommends but is not limited to the following
safety equipment when handling, cutting, and installing
NewTechWood: gloves, a respiratory protection, long sleeves,
pants, and safety glasses.
Standard woodworking tools may be used. It is recommended
that all blades have a carbide tip. Standard stainless steel or
acceptable coated deck screws and nails are recommended.
A clean, smooth, flat, and strong surface is needed to install
UltraShield correctly. Please check with local building codes
before ever installing any type of decking. If installation does not
occur immediately UltraShield needs to be put on a flat surface at
all times. Never ever should it be put on a surface that isn’t flat.
Decking Installation Instructions