Graco 1786988 User Manual Page: 9

If child restraint is in a crash, it
must be replaced. DO NOT use it again!
A crash can cause unseen damage and
using it again could result in serious
injury or death. DO NOT use child
restraint if it is damaged or missing parts.
DO NOT use accessories or parts other
than those provided by Graco. Their use
could alter the performance of the child
Rear-facing child restraint must be
properly leveled:
• Too reclined can result in injury
or ejection.
• Too upright can result in
breathing difficulties.
- Prevent serious injury or death: (continued)
Insert the harness straps in the proper
slots for your child.
Never leave child unattended, even when
sleeping. Child may become tangled in
harness straps and suffocate or strangle.
DO NOT remove
LATCH system from
child restraint. If using vehicle seat belt
to secure child restraint, LATCH
connectors must be stored.
(see section “LATCH storage”)