Graco 1786988 User Manual Page: 8

- Prevent serious injury or death:
Failure to follow these instructions and
child restraint labels can result in child
striking the vehicle’s interior during a
sudden stop or crash. Secure child
restraint with a vehicle seat belt or
LATCH that is properly routed as shown
in this manual.
Select a suitable location for the child
restraint in your vehicle.
Choose the correct mode of use for the
child restraint depending on your child’s
size. Infants less than 20 lb (9 kg) must
use this child restraint rear-facing.
Serious crippling injury or death can
result if infant faces front of vehicle.
The AAP recommends that children
be rear facing until age 2 or until they
reach the maximum rear facing height
and weight rating for their seat.
Vehicle seat belt system MUST hold
child restraint securely. Not all vehicle
seat belts can be used with a child
If vehicle seat belt does not hold child
restraint securely, read “Vehicle Seat
Belts” section.
Never put a child restraint in a front
vehicle seat unless recommended
by vehicle owner’s manual.
Highway Traffic Safety Administration
(NHTSA) alerts vehicle owners that
according to accident statistics,
children are safer in the back seat. For
vehicles with air bags, refer to vehicle
owner’s manual for child restraint
installation information.