Graco 1786988 User Manual Page: 18

Adjust child restraint to recline position
(fig. a). Flip recline feet under child
restraint for rear facing use.
Make sure Forward Facing LATCH belt is
stored. (see fig. c, pg. 41)
Place rear-facing on vehicle seat equipped
with LATCH anchors.
For ease of installation, extend LATCH belt
to its maximum length.
Hook connectors to vehicle lower anchors
(fig. b). Belt must lay flat and not be
twisted. Pull connectors to be sure they
are securely attached to the anchor points.
(fig. c).
Press down firmly in center of child restraint
while pulling LATCH adjustment belt. (fig. d).
Pull front to back and left to right at belt path
to check for secure installation (fig. e).
Check that the lower anchor belt stays tight
and does not slip from the tightened position. If
it does not stay tight, try another seating
position or contact Customer Service.
Check level indicator on child restraint (fig. f).
Vehicle must be on level ground and child in
child restraint when checking level indicator.
Ball MUST be entirely in green zone (fig. f). If
necessary, place rolled towels under child
restraint, at vehicle seat crease, until entire ball
is in green zone. Then re-check level indicator.
DO NOT use tether rear-facing. Tether must be
stored (see “Tether Storage” page 51).
Periodically check that child restraint is securely
installed and properly leveled; adjust if necessary.
To remove LATCH, (see “Removing LATCH from
Vehicle Anchor Points”, p. 40).