Graco 1786988 User Manual Page: 15

Rear-facing:5 to 40 lb (2.2-18 Kg)
• Infants who weigh less than 20 lb
(9 kg) MUST be rear-facing.
• Infants or toddlers 20 to 40 lb
(9 to 18 kg) may be rear-facing.
1” (2.5 cm)
IMPORTANT: This child restraint is certified
for use rear-facing with children up to
40 lb (18 kg). However, some children
approaching 40 lb (18 kg) may be too tall to fit
rear-facing. Top of head must be at least
1” (2.5 cm) below the top of the child restraint.
Child should use car seat forward-facing only if
child is over 20 lb (9 kg) and can sit upright unas-
65 lb
(30 kg)
5 lb
(2.2 kg)
40 lb
(18 kg)
20 lb
(9 kg)
A preterm infant or low birth weight
infant may be at special risk in a vehicle
or aircraft.
According to the American Academy of
Pediatrics, these infants may suffer
breathing difficulties if improperly
reclined in a child restraint.
Graco advises that you have your
physician or hospital staff evaluate your
infant and recommend the proper child
restraint or car bed before you and your
infant leave the hospital.
Preterm or
Low Birthweight Infants
,see American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)
recommendations on p. 8)