Graco 1786988 User Manual Page: 12

United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety
Standards have defined a system for
installing child restraints in vehicles. The system
is called LATCH. LATCH stands for:
Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren.
LATCH in the vehicle consists of a top
tether anchor point and two lower
anchor points.
Some vehicle owner manuals use the
term ISOFIX to identify the child
restraint anchor system. This child
restraint with LATCH can also be used
in vehicle seating positions equipped
with ISOFIX.
Newer vehicles may have one or more seating
positions equipped with LATCH anchor points.
If vehicle is equipped with
LATCH, the vehicle
lower anchor points may be visible at the vehicle
seat crease. If not visible, they may be marked
with a symbol (Fig. a) or a colored dot.
See your vehicle owner’s manual for exact
locations, anchor identification, and
requirements for use with a child restraint.
Check vehicle owner’s manual for vehicle top
tether anchor locations. They may be identified
using one of the anchor symbols(Fig. b or Fig. c).