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Grand Canyon Gas Logs---3435 E. Atlanta Ave---Phoenix, AZ 85040
Grand Canyon Gas Logs, logs are made of cement refractory material re-enforced with steel fibers. Each of the logs are hand painted and
hand finished to recreate the most realistic logs available on the market. The gas burner system is designed to recreate and burn like a real
wood burning fireplace with a natural looking flame. With this in mind the gas log sets MUST be burned in a fully vented, non-combustible
fireplace with the DAMPER COMPLETELY OPEN and the chimney free of any obstruction or restrictions. The fireplace must be designed and
approved to bur wood.
The realistic flame produced by Grand Canyon Gas Log burners produce carbon monoxide and soot. Under standard conditions these
byproducts are exhausted up the chimney. IF the fumes or soot from the burning gas are evident in the room when the damper is fully open
it indicates that the fireplace draft is defective. IF this happens DO NOT operate your gas logs until the fireplace drat is corrected, call a
service technician to fix the problem.
Installation and service must be provided by a qualified installer, service agency or
gas supplier
WARNING: If the information in this
manual is not followed exactly, a fire or
explosion may result, causing property
damage, personal injury or loss of life
- Do not store or use gasoline or other
flammable vapors and liquids in the
vicinity of this or any application
Do not try to light any appliance
Do not touch any electrical switch;
do not use any phone in the building
Immediately call the gas supplier
from a neighbor’s phone. Follow
the gas supplier’s instructions
If you cannot reach the gas supplier,
call the fire department.
- Installation and service must be
performed by a qualified installer,
service agency or the gas supplier
Grand Canyon Gas Log sets are to be installed only in a solid-
fuel burning fireplace with working flue and construction of
noncombustible material. The installation including
provisions for combustion and ventilation air must conform
with the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54, or
the CSA B149.1 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code,
and applicable local building codes.
A damper clamp is included to maintain the minimum
permanent vent opening and to prevent full closure of the
damper blade. The chimney damper must be fully opened
when burning the log set. The log set is designed to burn
with a yellow flame, thus adequate ventilation is absolutely
To comply with certifications, listings, and building code
acceptances, and for safe operation and proper
performance of this log set, use only Grand Canyon Gas Logs
parts and accessories. Use of other controls, parts, and
accessories that are not designed for use with Grand Canyon
Gas Logs log set is prohibited and will void all the
warranties, certifications, listings and building code
approvals, and may cause property damage, personal injury
or loss of life.
Grand Canyon Gas Logs burners and logs carry a
lifetime warranty against breakage and defects to the
original purchaser. ALL GCGL valves, pilot assemblies
and electrical components carry a 2 year warranty as
long as installed indoors and installed by a licensed
professional. Further warranty information can be
found in the warranty section of this guide.
INSTALLER: Leave this manual with the log set
CONSUMER: Retain this manual for future reference.
Report # 535-L-01-5
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Approved for high altitudes up to 4500ft
(1300m) in Canada