Teac CD-H750 [16/84] Listening to an iPod/iPhone

Press the CD/USB button to select “USB.
Connect your iPod/iPhone using the USB cable supplied
with the iPod/iPhone.
The iPod/iPhone automatically turns on and starts playback from
the iPod/iPhone music list.
< If the display mode is set to “Extended mode” (see page 24),
playback don’t start automatically.
When the iPod/iPhone is connected while CD-H750 is set to another
source, the iPod/iPhone will turn on and enter the pause mode.
< If the source is set to CD when you connect an iPod/iPhone, the
iPod/iPhone turns ON and its playback is paused.
< If an
is connected to this unit, it will only be
recharged when this unit is ON.
< Recharging will stop when the
is fully recharged.
< Recharging is not possible when this unit is in standby.
Listening to an iPod/iPhone Playback (1)
Playing back from selected track/file
Press the Skip/search buttons (.m/,/) to select a
track/file, or use the numeric buttons to input the track/file
For example, to select track/file number 25, press “2” first then “5”.
To select numbers less than 10, press “0” and then the number. As
an example, to select number 5, press “0” then “5”. (Optionally, you
may press just the number “5” and wait for a few seconds.)
Press the Play button (y) .
Playback starts from the selected track/file.