Teac CD-H750 [13/84] Basic operation

How to turn the unit on or put it in standby
Press the STANDBY/ON button to turn the unit on or put it in
standby mode.
ANDBY/ON indicator
The power indicator lights blue when the power is on.
The power indicator lights orange when the unit is in standby.
How to select CD or USB
Every time the CD/USB button is pressed, the mode is alternated
between CD and USB.
Select USB to play files on the USB flash drive or iPod/iPhone
connected to the iPod/USB port. (Use the USB cable included with
the iPod/iPhone to connect it to the USB port.)
Basic operation
Listening through headphones
When using headphones, first lower the volume before inserting
the headphones plug into the PHONES jack. Then, use the
headphones LEVEL knob to adjust the volume.
< Even when the headphones plug is inserted in the PHONES
jack, sound is output from the analog and digital audio output