Teac CD-H750 [11/84] Remote control unit

CLEAR button
Use this button to clear a program. (page 21)
PROGRAM button
Use this button to enter the program mode. (page 19)
MENU button
Use this button to go back to the previous menu of the iPod/
iPhone. This button is the equivalent to the MENU button on your
iPod/iPhone. (page 17)
ENTER button
Use this button to select the folder and file. (page 17)
DISPLAY button
During MP3/WMA file playback, use this button to change what
information is displayed. (page 23)
TIME button
During playback, use this button to change the time display. (page
FILE buttons (b/5)
Use these buttons to select an MP3/WMA file. (page 17)
In iPod mode, use this buttons to select a MENU item.
SKIP buttons (.//)
Use these buttons to skip tracks/files. (page 18)
Play button (G)
Use this button to start playback.
Pause button (J)
Use this button to pause playback.
Precautions for use
Misuse of batteries could cause them to rupture or leak
leading to fire, injury or the staining of items nearby. Please
carefully read and observe the precautions on page 3.
p Point the remote control unit at the main unit’s remote sensor
from within 5 meters (16 feet) of it. Make sure that there are no
obstructions between the remote control and the main unit.
p If direct sunlight or strong artificial illumination shines on the
remote sensor, the remote control might not function. If that is the
case, move this unit to another location.
p If the remote control unit is operated near other devices that
generate infrared rays, or if other remote control devices using
infrared rays are used near the unit, it might operate incorrectly.
The other devices might also operate incorrectly.
Battery installation
1. Remove the battery compartment cover.
2. Insert two AA dry batteries. Make sure that the batteries are
inserted with their positive + and negative _ poles positioned
3. Close the cover.
Battery Replacement
If the distance required between the remote control unit and main
unit decreases, the batteries are exhausted. In this case replace the
batteries with new ones.
< For more information about collection of batteries, please contact
your local municipality, your waste disposal service or the point of
sale where you purchased the items.
Remote control unit