Clatronic BS 1285 User Manual Page: 39

Clatronic BS 1285 User Manual Page: 39
Immediately switch off the appliance in the following
During foaming
If liquid escapes
When the unit is full.
When the unit falls over.
The collection unit can hold max. 10 litres of liquid
(without foaming).
If foam should form in the collection unit, then the
maximum capacity is only 1.5 litres!
When the vessel is full the float valve closes the
suction aperture and the motor runs at a higher
speed. Switch the device off immediately and
empty it.
Emptying the permanent filter and collection unit
1. Turn the device off with the on/off switch. Pull the plug
out of the socket.
2. Open the locking mechanisms. Remove the motor
3. Remove the permanent lter, if applicable. Shake it
4. Remove the suction hose.
5. Empty the collection vessel.
6. Put the permanent lter back into the collection unit if
7. Reassemble the hose connection and the motor
8. Close the locking mechanisms.
9. You can now use the vacuum cleaner again.
Cleaning and storage
Always remove the plug before cleaning.
Under no circumstances should you immerse the
motor housing in water in order to clean it. Other-
wise this might result in an electric shock or re.
Do not use a wire brush or any abrasive items.
Do not use any acidic or abrasive detergents.
Collection Vessel
Rinse out the collection vessel after use with clean
Any dirt in the vessel can be removed with a sponge
or nylon brush.
Permanent filter and protective filter made of foam
Clean the protective lter made of foam after every third
or fth emptying.
Take off the motor housing and remove the lter.
Quick cleaning: Tap out or brush out the lters to
loosen any residues.
Hand wash: If soiling is more severe we recommend
a hand wash up to 40°C.
Always allow the lters to dry in the open air!
Always resume operation with dry lters!
Do not immerse the motor in water!
The housing can be wiped off with a slightly damp
Dry off all parts after cleaning with a dry cloth.
Clean the appliance as described and allow it to dry.
We recommend that you keep the appliance in the
original packaging if it will not be used for long periods.
Always store the appliance out of the reach of chil-
dren in a dry, well ventilated place.
• Thedevicedoesnotwork.
Check the mains connection.
Check the position of the switch.
• Thedevicedoesnotsuckanythingup.
Possible Cause:
The collection unit is full.
Empty the collection unit.
Possible Cause:
The sealing ring between the motor housing and the
collection unit is missing.
Check the seal.
Possible Cause:
There is a foreign body in the suction hose or nozzle.
Check the accessories for foreign bodies.
Possible Cause:
The appliance has fallen over.