Clatronic BS 1285 User Manual Page: 38

Clatronic BS 1285 User Manual Page: 38
Nozzle Attachment
Floor nozzle (14)
The floor nozzle is equipped with rollers for easier guid-
You may use the floor nozzle to clean smooth surfaces
and dry or wet carpets.
Use the lever (15) to set the brushes outwards or
Best use is determined by the texture of the floor. We
recommend the following usage:
Use without brushes:
- To vacuum dry carpeted floors (deep pile);
- To clean wet, smooth floors.
This setting is also well suited to vacuuming up
water from larger areas.
Check the maximum ll capacity of the collection
unit. 10 litres of liquid without foaming additive!
Use with brushes:
- To vacuum dry, smooth floors and dry carpeted
floors (shallow pile);
- To clean (scrub) wet, smooth floors and wet car-
peted floors (shallow pile).
Crevice nozzle (12)
For vacuuming in corners and crevices, etc.
Brush nozzle (10)
For cleaning upholstery or curtains.
To remove the nozzle attachments from the suction
hose, pull them off while turning them slightly.
To store the nozzles, use the holders on the vacuum
above the rollers.
Air Slide (1)
Open the air slide on the hose handle in order to regulate
the airflow or to clear any particles sticking to the nozzle.
Mains Lead (7)
Completely unwind the cable during operation.
After use, allow the motor housing to cool down. You
may then wrap the cable around the motor housing
and may fasten it with the cable clamp.
Turning on/ off
Turn the appliance on (I) and off (O) with the On/ Off
switch (5).
Parking Position
A holder is tted on the lower part of the suction hose.
Attach the suction hose with the holder to the parking
attachment (18) on the motor housing.
Is the suction hose too long? Separate the two parts
of the suction hose and attach the upper part of the
suction hose to the holder on the lower part of the
suction hose.
1. Select the desired accessory.
2. Unwind the lead completely.
3. Check if the mains voltage that you want to use
matches the information on the rating plate.
Take note of the range limited by the length of the
Dry Vacuuming
1. Place the permanent lter into the collection unit.
2. Attach the motor housing.
3. Close the locking mechanisms.
4. Assemble the accessory.
5. Connect the mains plug to a properly installed
earthed socket.
6. Turn the device on.
7. Vacuum at a steady speed. There is no need to exert
Wet Vacuuming
Do not use the appliance to vacuum foaming
cleaning agents!
Always remove the permanent lter when vacuum-
ing liquids. Insert the sealing ring instead.
Check that the protective lter ts properly.
Before the cleaner is used again for dry vacuuming,
all components must be dry.
1. Disconnect the mains plug from the socket.
2. Remove the permanent lter.
Fit the sealing ring over the edge of the collection unit.
4. Attach the motor housing.
5. Close the locking mechanisms.
6. Assemble the accessory.
7. Connect the mains plug to a properly installed
earthed socket.
8. Turn the device on.