Clatronic BS 1285 User Manual Page: 37

Clatronic BS 1285 User Manual Page: 37
Overview of the Components
1 Air Slide
2 Suction tube, 2-part.
3 Exhaust opening
4 Carrying handle
5 I/O On/off switch
6 Motor housing
7 Power cord
8 Suction opening
9 Hose connection
11 Castors
13 Collection vessel
14 Floor nozzle
15 Lever for extending and retracting the brush
16 Locking mechanism
17 Vacuum hose
18 Parking assistance
10 Brush nozzle
12 Crevice nozzle
Not shown
Permanent lter (Dry vacuuming)
Sealing ring (Wet vacuuming)
Protective lter made of foam
Instructions for Use
Intended Use
The device is intended for use as a wet/dry vacuum
cleaner in accordance with its description and safety
The device also has an additional connection with
blower function.
Any other type of use is considered to be in contradic-
tion of the intended use and is not permitted.
Attaching the Castors (11)
Before you use the appliance, fasten the rollers to the
foot of the collection unit (13).
1. Open the two locking mechanisms (16).
2. Remove the motor housing (6) from the collection
3. Place the collection unit upside down.
4. Insert the rollers with the pins into the provided holes
as far as they will go.
5. Turn the unit back round so that it stands on the
Inserting the permanent filter (only when vacuuming
The appliance has a permanent lter. It can easily be
inserted and can be cleaned.
Put the rubber edge of the dust
bag over the edge of the collec-
tion unit. It ensures that the motor
housing is airtight.
Protective filter made of foam
Beneath the motor, there is a protective lter made of
foam. This is required for both wet and dry vacuuming.
If not yet in place, put the protec-
tive lter over the suction basket.
The rubber of the protective lter
must t securely on the suction
You should check the condition
of the lter and that it is rmly in
place at regular intervals.
Attaching the Motor Housing
NOTE: Sealing ring
If you do not use the permanent lter, always attach
the supplied sealing ring. Fit it over the edge of the
collection unit.
Ensure that this rubber seal always sits correctly on
the edge of the container. If this is not the case the
suction power is lost.
Adjust the motor housing so that the on/ off switch
sits above the suction opening.
Close both locking mechanisms.
Connecting and detaching the hose (17)
Suction function
Put the hose connection (9) into the suction opening
(8) on the collection unit. It must audibly click into
Blowing function
Put the hose connection into the blower opening (3)
on the motor casing. It has to audibly engage.
Detaching the hose
Press the button on the hose connection to detach
the hose.
2-part suction hose (2)
Attach the thicker end of the suction hose without the
holder onto the end of the hose.
Attach the thicker end of the suction hose with the
holder onto the other suction hose.
To release the suction hoses, pull them off while turn-
ing them slightly.