Clatronic BS 1294 User Manual Page: 32

Clatronic BS 1294 User Manual Page: 32
If the red mark is visible, pull in the cable with the help of
the cable winding button back to the yellow mark.
2. Insert the mains plug into a correctly installed power socket.
3. Turn the device on by the on/off switch by pressing down
the button.
4. Set the “carpet/hard oor” switch, depending on the oor
5. Vacuum at a steady speed. There is no need to exert pres-
Pay attention to the range that can be covered with the
cable length!
Air Slide (15)
Open the air slide on the hose handle in order to regulate the
airow or to clear any particles sticking to the nozzle.
Switching off and Winding up the Mains Lead
1. Turn the vacuum cleaner off by the on/off switch and
remove the plug from the socket.
2. Keep the plug in your hand.
3. Press the cable winding button and guide the cable. Hold
the cable to avoid wrapping.
Emptying the Dust Collector
Empty the dust collector once the collected dirt reaches the
MAX marking.
1. Disconnect the mains plug from the wall socket.
2. Press the button (10) to
release the dust collector.
Remove the dust collector.
3. Empty the dust collector
over a dustbin. In order to
do so, press the button on
the dust collector to open
the base plate.
4. Then close the base plate again.
5. Attach the dust collector to the appliance. It must engage
with a click.
Your appliance features 4 lters. The common dust bag system
has been replaced by a transparent dust collector. The higher
ow speed of the collector allows for heavy dirt and smallest
oating particles to be separated from the “sucked-in air”.
It is thus not necessary to buy dust bags.
HEPA Filter
Clean the lter element twice a year.
Never wash the lter in the washing machine.
Do not use a hairdryer for drying.
Only use the appliance after the lters have been
installed correctly.
Proceed as follows to remove, clean and reinstall the lter ele-
1. Empty the dust collector as described previously.
2. Remove the dust collector lid. To do so, turn the marking
on the lid towards the
symbol. Pull the lter element from
the dust collector.
3. Remove the lter element from the lid by turning the lter
element towards OPEN.
4. Pull the nylon lter from the HEPA.
5. Use a brush to clean the
lters. In case of heavy
staining, clean the lters
under running water.
6. Let the lters air-dry
completely before retting
7. Wipe the dust collector with a damp cloth and then wipe it
8. Once the lters are com-
pletely dry, attach the nylon
lter to the HEPA lter.
9. Reinsert the lter element
into the lid of the dust
collector, using the notches
in the lid. Turn the lter ele-
ment towards the CLOSE
10. Reinsert the lid including the lter element into the dust
collector. Close the lid until the marking is aligned with
the symbol.
11. Fit the dust collector in the appliance.