Clatronic BS 1294 User Manual Page: 31

Clatronic BS 1294 User Manual Page: 31
Do not suck up liquids!
Do not suck up hot ashes or pointed or sharp objects!
Do not use the device in damp rooms!
Never use without the lter. Check that the lter is inserted correctly!
Hair, clothing and body parts away from the vacuum nozzle during
Keep the vacuum cleaner away from sources of heat like radiators,
ovens, etc.!
Overview of the Components
1 Suction hose
2 Cable-winding button
3 Carrying handle
4 Suction power control
5 Positioning aid
6 On/off switch
7 Outlet lter
8 Hose connection
9 Dust collector with HEPA lter
10 Dust collector release button
11 Lever for extending and retracting the brushes
12 Floor nozzle
13 Telescopic suction tube
14 Accessory holder
15 Air control
Accessories not shown:
Groove and brush nozzle
Upholstery nozzle
Insert the connecting head of the suction hose into the
hose connection of the appliance. For this, press both but-
tons on the connection head at the same time.
To disconnect the hose, press both buttons on the connec-
tion head and pull out the hose.
Insert the vacuum tube into the handle if required.
You can use the sliding switch on the telescopic suction
tube to adjust the length individually.
Then assemble the oor nozzle and/or the accessories.
Nozzle attachments
Insert the nozzle attachments into the accessory holder (14)
on the telescopic suction tube. In this way, you have the ac-
cessories always ready for vacuuming.
Floor nozzle (12)
The oor nozzle is tted with rollers for easier guiding.
You can clean smooth surfaces and carpets with the oor
Adjust the brushes outwards or inwards using the lever (11).
Best use of the appliance depends on the texture of the oor
covering. We recommend the following use:
Use without brushes:
For vacuuming oor coverings with a deep pile
Use with brushes:
For vacuuming smooth oors and carpets with a shallow
Crevice and jointed nozzle
For vacuuming upholstery, curtains and in corners and crevices
NOTE “2-in-1” nozzle:
When this is folded together it can be used as a groove
nozzle. If you would like to use the brush nozzle, pull the
brush section in the direction of the arrow until it locks in
Upholstery nozzle
Clean your upholstery (for example on chairs) with the uphol-
stery nozzle.
To detach the nozzle attachments from the suction pipe, pull
them off by turning them slightly.
Using the Appliance
1. Unwind the length of cable you require.
Pull out the cable up to the maximum length indi-
cated with the yellow mark.
Never pull the cable out up to the red mark as the
cable winding can be damaged.