Ghibli AS 600 IK CBN User Manual Page: 15

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These devices were designed to vacuum liq-
uids or solids or both, according to the tech-
nical data table from the introduction to this
manual. They were designed only for this
The manufacturer can not be held respon-
sible for any damage due to improper or
incorrect use.
Any other use releases the manufacturer
from liability for harm to persons and/or
property and invalidates any warranty
Do not use the appliance to:
- Aspirate flammable, explosive, corrosive
and toxic substances.
- Aspirate hot substances.
- Do not use the appliance in liquid suction
mode to suction powder and vice versa.
Do not use the appliance in areas at risk of
Trolley installation
(for models equipped with cart)
- Place the trolley on the ground (1 Fig. 1)
- Place the cover (2 Fig. 1) on the trolley,
setting the support In the plastic (3 Fig. 1)
on the trolley’s rod (4 Fig. 1).
Vacuum cleaner
For appliances equipped with suitable acces-
- Release the levers (5 Fig. 2) and remove
the cover (6 Fig. 3) complete with the mo-
tor unit.
- Remove the polyester filter (8 Fig. 4).
- Check, if applicable, that inside the de-
vice to be set the paper bag (7 Fig. 4).
- If the paper bag (7 Fig. 4) is not there,
install it, if necessary, acting as follows:
Install the paper bag (7 Fig.5 ) in the noz-
zle (9 Fig. 5) until it passes the banding
(10 Fig. 5)
Reassemble the polyester filter
(8 Fig. 4).
- Place the cover back on (5 Fig. 2) and
lock it using the levers.
- Insert, as far as possible, the sleeve (11
Fig. 6) of the suction hose into the nozzle
(12 Fig. 6) on the drum.
- To release the sleeve (11 Fig. 6) press
and hold the button (13 Fig. 6) and then
pull out the sleeve (11 Fig. 6).
- Connect the ergonomic handle (15 Fig. 7)
or the hose (16 Fig. 7) depending on the
model, with the extension (14 Fig. 7).
- Join the two rigid extensions (17-18 Fig.
8), alining the reference points (19-20
Fig. 8), if applicable.
- Attach to the rigid extension (21 Fig. 9)
the desired accessory ( the vacuum noz-
zle, the dust brush, the accessory for tight
spaces, the floor nozzle etc..
For models equipped with ergonomic handle
is possible to adjust the suction force, by act-
ing the selector (22 Fig. 10).
By opening the window (23 Fig. 10) you get a
lower suction force.
Connecting the electrical brush
For devices with socket:
- Lift the shutter (24 Fig. 11).
- Connect the electrical brush’s plug to the
socket (25 Fig. 11) located on the top of
the vacuum (maximum output 200 W).
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