Ghibli AS 400 IK Safety Instructions Page: 5

Ghibli AS 400 IK Safety Instructions Page: 5
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1.1 INTRODUCTION ................................. 1
1.2 GENERAL WARNINGS ...................... 1
1.3 DISPOSING OF THE UNIT ................. 2
1.5 UNPACKING ....................................... 2
Before using the appliance, please read
this manual and the “Operation and Mainte-
nance” manual supplied with the machine
This manual and the “Operation and main-
tenance manual” form an integral part of the
machine itself. They must therefore be kept
in a safe place where they are accessible to
all users (operators and maintenance per-
sonnel) throughout the life of the machine
until it is scrapped.
- Plastic bags, polystyrene, paper clips,
etc. must not be left within the reach of
children, as these are potential sources
of danger.
- Ensure that the voltage matches that indi-
cated on the data plate before turning the
unit on.
- To unplug the unit from the socket, pull
the plug itself and NOT the cable.
- Unwind the entire power cable when us-
ing the unit.
- Solely approved extension cables can
be used. These must be adequate for
the power of the unit and must also be in
good condition.
- Do not use the unit if either the plug or
power cable is not in good condition.
- If the power cable is damaged, this can
only be replaced by a technical support
centre that is authorised by the manufac-
- Do not slide the power cable on sharp
- Do not pinch or crush the power cable.
- Do not use the unit with wet or damp
- Do not leave the unit exposed to the ele-
- Do not use the unit if its operation is
faulty. Take this to an authorised techni-
cal support centre.
- Should an anomaly arise, contact an au-
thorised technical support centre and al-
ways request original spare parts.
- The plug must be removed from the sock-
et before any maintenance or cleaning
procedures are implemented.
- Do not wash the unit with jets of water.
- Do not immerse the unit into water or
other liquids.
- Clean the unit with a cloth dampened with
do not use abrasive detergents, trichloro-
ethene or solvents.
- When depositing the unusable unit at
appropriate collection points, the power
cord must be removed in order to ensure
it is not used.
- The unit is not intended to be used by
persons (including children) whose
physical, sensorial or mental capacities
are reduced, or who lack experience or
knowledge, unless they are supervised or
given instructions on how to use the unit
by a person responsible for their safety.
- Children should be supervised to ensure
they do not play with the unit.