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Screen Cleaning
Periodically clean the screen surface using ammonia-free cleaning wipes (Marshall Part No. V-HWP-K). A clean micro-fiber cloth
can also be used using only non-abrasive and ammonia-free cleaning agents. Do not use paper towels. Paper towel fibers are
coarse and may scratch the surface of the polycarbonate faceplate or leave streaks on the surface. Antistatic and fingerprint
resistant cleaning agents are recommended. Do not apply excessive pressure to the screen to avoid damaging the LCD.
Faceplate Dusting
Dust the unit with a soft, damp cloth or chamois. Dry or abrasive cloths may cause electrostatic charge on the surface, attracting
dust particles. Neutralize static electricity effects by using the recommended cleaning and polishing practice.
Marshall Electronics warranties to the first consumer that this V-MD902 LCD monitor will, under normal use, be free from
defects in workmanship and materials, when received in its original container, for a period of one year from the purchase date.
This warranty is extended to the first consumer only, and proof of purchase is necessary to honor the warranty. If there is no
proof of purchase provided with a warranty claim, Marshall Electronics reserves the right not to honor the warranty set forth
above. Therefore, labor and parts may be charged to the consumer. This warranty does not apply to the product exterior or
cosmetics. Misuse, abnormal handling, alterations or modifications in design or construction void this warranty. It is considered
normal for a minimal amount of pixels, not to exceed three, to fail on the periphery of the display active viewing area. Marshall
Electronics reserves the option to refuse service for display pixel failure if deemed unobtrusive to effective use of the monitor by
our technicians. No sales personnel of the seller or any other person is authorized to make any warranties other than those
described above, or to extend the duration of any warranties on behalf of Marshall Electronics, beyond the time period
described above. Due to constant effort to improve products and product features, specifications may change without notice.
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Marshall Electronics
Model No. V-MD902
Dual 9” 3RU High Resolution Rack Mount Monitor with Modular Inputs/Outputs
Operating Instructions
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