Atc SCM50ASL Pro User Manual Page: 6

distance L
distance C
distance R
distance LS
distance RS
distance LR
distance RR
8 . C o n n e c t i o n
Passive Monitors
9 .A m p l i f i c a t i o n
Loudspeaker Positioning - 5.1 & 7.1 Surround
All loudspeakers should be equi-distant from the listening position:
distance L = distance C = distance R = distance LS = distance LR = distance RR
For 5.1 systems, position the ‘surround’ speakers between 110 and 150 degrees
If ideal positioning is not possible, position loudspeakers as close as possible
Try to avoid placing the subwoofer on the mid-point between two walls
For more details on setting up surround playback or monitoring systems
please contact you dealer or ATC direct.
The monitors are equipped with a “tri-wire” connection
panel to enable separate amplification of the bass driver
mid driver and tweeter. Remove the linking bars between
the three pairs of terminals if you wish to take advantage
of the tri-wire facility.
The terminals can accomadate either stripped cable ends
or 4mm plugs: Always use good quality speaker cable with
a 2.5mm minimum cross sectional area per conductor
(79 strand). Cable of smaller cross sectional area or fewer
strands is unsuitable. For cable runs longer than 10m use
a significantly heavier gauge cable. Consult your dealer or
consultant for specific cable recommendations.
Ensure that the positive and negative terminals on each
connection panel are connected back to the corresponding
positive and negative terminals on the amplifier
The choice of partnering amplifier for the monitors will
have significant influence on the performance of the system.
Consider the following when selecting the amplifier:
With any passive loudspeaker there is a trade-off between
low frequency extension and sensitivity. The monitors
extended low frequency response means that its sensitivity
is relatively low. It is advisable therefore to select an
amplifier of relatively high power capabilities. Use of an
under specified amplifier will result in the system sounding
distorted at high levels and may risk damage. Valve or solid
state amplifiers with high output impedance should be
auditioned carefully to establish that their characteristic
reduced damping at low frequencies is acceptable.
Thanks in part to Super Linear technology and underhung
voice coil construction, the monitors not only demonstrate
extremely low distortion at all levels but also a greatly
enhanced effective dynamic range. This exceptional
distortion performance, also combined with very wide
dispersion, will ruthlessly reveal deficiencies in ancillary
equipment. It is advisable therefore to audition the monitors
with your proposed amplifier and ancillary system.
to ideal
SCM 50/100/ 15025/45/ 110/
3-way systems
acoustic axis: 5 belowº
mid-range driver
acoustic axis: mid point between
bass/mid and tweeter
2-way systems
I n s t a l l a t i o n