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Version: 9/2013. Not reliable for errors and omissions. Changes without prior notice possible in the sense of technological upgrades.
Power amplifier
The power amplifiers Ovation MA8.2 and SA8.2 deliver nearly any desired power level even into critical
loudspeakers without loss of control over the loudspeaker. Far over 1200 Watts into 4 Ohms with the MA8.2
and over 600 Watts with the SA8.2 are surely sufficient for reproduction of any kind of music even when
listening at original sound levels. Nevertheless this amplifier can also play at moderate levels without loosing
precision or missing even finest details and the may reproduce also the intimate atmosphere of a i.e.
chamber orchestras.
The new generation of Ovation Line MA8.2 and SA8.2 have been developed by music lovers for music
lovers to satisfy even highest demands on reproduction of music. Forget about noise and distortion and
enjoy it's warm and powerful music reproduction - regardless which loudspeaker You use, regardless which
music style you prefer and whatever volume you like best.
It's excellent musical quality comes together with a very worthy finish: The case is totally made of polished
and anodized aluminum. The power transformers inside (2 x 1000VA, 2 x 120 VA) are mounted into a
shielding case that ensures that no mechanical hum or electrical stray fields can influence the electronic
circuitry of the amplifiers.
The power supply consists of two 200.000 ยตF Capacitor banks. The MA8.2 power amplifier itself is a
balanced construction. That means two amplifiers in bridge connection. Each of the power amps has it's own
transformer and capacitor bank. The amplifiers use 24 output-FETs each and thus are able to deliver over
180 amperes permanently - if needed. The SA8.2 is the single ended version thereof.
The input circuitry is also a balanced construction and offers RCA-Cinch and as well balanced XLR inputs.
Besides that we have built in a brilliant blue VF display which informs you about the actual power (power bar)
and the peak power (numeric). It is also useful to make settings via the intuitive menu system: Configuring
the display (power bar & value display, peak power only and display off), setting the display brightness,
setting the operating mode (permanent, trigger, auto, remote from preamp) and setting the actual speaker
impedance (8, 4, 2 Ohms).