Audio Research GSi75 Data Sheet Page: 1

Integrated Amplifier
A preamplier, amplier, phono stage, and digital to analog converter all in one chassis, the GSi75 combines
with your favorite speaker to deliver a singular and simple soluon to control your listening system. Unlike other
integrated designs that make performance - sacricing compromises to fulll a price point or form factor, the
GSi75 harnesses the power and technologies developed by Audio Research into an authoritave plaorm to
reveal the performances in your media.
Powered with the new KT150 output tube, the GSi75 supplies nesse and control that belies the 75-wa per
channel power rang. The digital-to-analog converter will handle almost any sampling frequency including DSD.
The phono stage and headphone amplier round out the GSi75, providing total system control and integraon.
The elegant, understated industrial design will complement the rest of your system both visually and sonically.
The GSi75 has been designed to provide full functionality in a convenient package. The phono stage oers
two gain settings, as well as 5 impedance load settings, to accommodate nearly all cartridges on the market
today. The digital-to-analog converter can decode sampling frequencies up to 384 kHz/24 bit, as well as
DSD and DXD. Digital inputs include USB, toslink, and optical. Four single-ended inputs provide ample
connectivity. Both 4- and 8-ohm speaker output taps allow optimized speaker connections. The simple
menu system allows adjustments to multiple parameters of the amplier.