Enttec PHERO 30 RGB User Manual Page: 1

Enttec PHERO 30 RGB User Manual Page: 1
Product Manual
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Back Panel
Box Contents
ENTTEC PHERO (73900 or 79001)
Mounting brackets
This user manual
30 independently controllable RGB Pixels
Flexible, light and slick design
In-built Power Supply
Compatible with ENTTEC Pixelator and Pixie driver
Plink data bus allows to daisy-chain up to 11 units
Standard Cat6 wiring allows up to 300m distances
Mains power through Powercon connectors for
convenient installation
50.000+ hours expected LED life
Up to 90 DMX channels through Pixelator
Over voltage input protection
Mains voltages inside, please never intend to open
it when mains connected
Do not expose the ENTTEC Phero to rain or moisture,
doing this will void the warranty
Do not remove the cover, there are no serviceable
parts inside
This unit is intended for indoor use only
Ensure proper earth connections
Basic Setup
Connect the ENTTEC Phero to a Plink enabled device
such as ENTTEC Pixelator using a cat5/6 cable
Power up the unit using the blue powercon
connector. The power LED should light up
Feed some data through your Plink enabled device