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Quick Start Manual
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ID: 209766
Box Contents
Pixelator Mini (pn: 70066)
Straight connect Ethernet lead (pn:79102)
Country specific IEC Power lead.
This user manual
8 Pixel Link (RJ-45) data output ports
16 Universe Ethernet to Plink
Easy to setup & update through any web browser
Supports following DMX over Ethernet protocols:
o Art-Net 1/2/3
o Streaming ACN (sACN)
1 RJ45 Ethercon connector (10/100 Mbps)
Static or Dynamic (DHCP) IP configuration (DHCP
by default)
Compatible with ENTTEC Plink Injectors
Supports either WS2812B or APA-104 protocol for
Pixel Link output.
Pixel Grouping is configurable for each Pixel Link
port. (1 to 340) for RGB and (1 to 256) for RGBW
Each Pixel Link output can be assigned up to 2
Ethernet Universes.
Pixel Ordering is configurable for each Pixel Link port.
RGB modes allow 3 slot mapping, and RGBW modes
allows 4 slot mapping.
Do not expose the unit to rain or moisture, doing this
will void the warranty
Do not remove the cover, there are no serviceable
parts inside
This unit is intended for indoor use only
Basic Setup
Right out of the box, the Pixelator Mini is factory configured
to be a standard Art-Net node, listening to the first 16 Art-Net
Universes (0 to 15). It is also set as a DHCP node, so you can
plug it into your existing router, and it's good to go.
To make any changes to the configuration, you will need the
IP address of the unit. ENTTEC provides a free App (available
for Windows and Mac) called NMU, which will find the Pixela-
tor Mini on your network and display its IP address.
Using the IP address one can access the built-in web-interface
inside the Pixelator Mini via any modern web-browser. The
web-interface allows the settings of the unit to be changed.
Pixel Tape/Dots are to be connected to the Pixel Link port us-
ing a PLink Injector (sold separately). The injector takes exter-
nal DC power and has appropriate terminals to connect the