Enttec Aleph CV LED Tape Driver [1/4] Features

User Manual
Rev E
Document PN: 50394
6 - C H A N N E L C O N S T A N T V O L T A G E L E D D R I V E R / P O W E R S U P P L Y
DMX512 Controllable and RDM Configurable
Designed for driving LED strips through 6 high
power channels
12 and 24 Volts output units available
Easy addressing interface (physical switches
and RDM)
Isolated DMX input
6x 5 Amps constant voltage controllable outputs
250 watts total output power
Fused outputs
Power, status and output LED indicators
Scalable design
Stand-alone output sequences (no external
controllers required)
Up to 8 units stackable using standard 19”
modular rack accessory (sold separately)
Ideal for white or RGB installations
Standard IEC mains input connector
Auto-selectable Multi voltage mains input
Do not expose this the ALEPH1 CV DRIVER to rain
or moisture, doing this will void the warranty
Do not spill water or other liquids into or onto the
Check that the local power outlet matches that of
the required voltage (110 → 240V AC)
Make all the connections before you plug in the
main power
Do not remove the cover whist the unit is powered
Never operate this unit when it’s cover is removed
Never plug this unit in to a dimmer pack
Always be sure to mount this unit in an area that
will allow proper ventilation. Allow about 6” (20
cm) between this device and a wall
Make sure ventilation holes are clean and
Do not attempt to operate this unit, if it becomes
This unit is intended for indoor use only
Always mount this unit in safe and stable matter
Power-supply cords should be routed so that they
are not likely to be walked on or pinched by items