Enttec ODE with POE User Manual Page: 1

Enttec ODE with POE User Manual Page: 1
Quick Start Manual
for more information visit:
( PN 70305 O R 7 0 3 0 6 )
Box Contents
Open DMX Ethernet (pn:70305 or 70306)
Straight connect Ethernet lead (pn:79102)
Power Adapter (pn: 79114) if you have the POE
option, the power adapter is not included.
This user manual
CD including NMU (pn:79106)
1 DMX port (5pin) - Male and Female connectors
1 Universe Art-Net to DMX node (Output mode)
1 Universe DMX to Art-Net (Input mode)
Setup done through Node Management Utility
Supports ESP and Art-Net protocols for DMX over
HTP Merging support : up-to 2 sources are
merged by default and, can be extended to
merge up-to 6 sources by purchasing additional
1 RJ45 Ethercon connector (10/100)
Automatic multi voltage mains input
7V DC Power-supply supplied (not included with
the POE model: PN 70306)
POE (power over ethernet) supported RJ45
connector (only on POE model PN 70306)
Do not expose the ODE to rain or moisture, doing
this will void the warranty
Do not remove the cover, there are no serviceable
parts inside
This unit is intended for indoor use only
DMX ports are non-isolated, please isolate DMX
signal wherever possible to protect this unit from
accidental power surge.
Basic Setup
Right out of the box the ODE is factory configured to be a
DMX OUTPUT device, running on Art-Net Universe 0,0.
It can be either output or input, however, and can use any
possible universe in Art-Net or ESP modes. It has
configurable IP address as well. Use the free utility program,
Node Management Utility (NMU available for Windows
and Mac), to change the configuration on your ODE.
Please note, ODE only supports static IP address (DHCP is
not supported) and comes with factory set IP address set to
10.a.b.c (where a,b,c relates to the Serial number of the ODE)
This IP address is also printed on the box (top label).
If NMU or any App has trouble finding ODE on your
network , please connect the ODE direct to your computer