Enttec DMXStreamer Quick Start Guide Page: 1

Enttec DMXStreamer Quick Start Guide Page: 1
Quick Start Manual
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Box Contents
DMXStreamer (70015)
DB9 to DB9 1.8m cable (79103)
1RU Mounting Kit (79105)
7.5V PSU with Country specific plug (79111)
This user manual
Do not expose the DMXStreamer to rain or
moisture, doing this will void the warranty
Do not remove the cover, there are no serviceable
parts inside
Indoor use only (IP20 rated)
Terms used
Show: A recorded DMX512 data sequence that
forms a lighting presentation.
Event: An entry in the DMXStreamer's schedule
that specifies a Show and the times it is to be
Channel: A single 8-bit (0-255) slot of DMX512
Frame: A packet of DMX512 data containing the
levels (0-255) for up to 512 data slots.
Start Frame: The DMX512 frame that is output by
the DMXStreamer at startup.
1 universe (512 ch) of DMX512 recording and replay
Up to 26 shows
Up to 23 hours of recording
Show replay can be triggered via:
power up
DMXPlayBackRemote Mk2
external switch closure
date and time of day
remote serial command
real-time clock
Automatic console backup mode
Battery-backed real time clock (Without regularly
updating the time with a computer, this product may
not produce precisely accurate timing)
Complete standalone operation
Full remote control via RS232
Easy firmware upgrades
Save and restore data from a standard Windows
computer, using Streamer Utilities.
The DMXStreamer case is 1 Rack unit (44.45mm) in height,
241mm (9.5 inches) wide and 105mm deep. Two devices of
this size can be mounted side-by-side in a standard 19-inch