Enttec DMX USB Pro User Manual Page: 1

Enttec DMX USB Pro User Manual Page: 1
Quick Start Manual
for more information visit:
( PN 7 0 3 0 4 )
Box Contents
DMX USB PRO (pn:70304)
USB Cable (Part No. 79110)
This user manual
CD including PRO-Manager (pn:79106)
Full 512 DMX channel universe of input or output
Fully compliant with USITT DMX512-A
Adjustable Frame Rates and empty frames to
accommodate non-standard equipment
USB 2.0 Support on Windows PC and Mac OSX
1500 V full isolation (data & power lines to
protect your computer from surges)
RDM enabled (ANSI E1.20 compliant)
Drivers for Windows, OSX and Linux (drivers
released and maintained by FTDI)
Output refresh rate configurable from 1 to 40
Fps (Frames per second)
Compatible with various open-source and
professional lighting control programs.
Do not expose the DMX USB PRO to rain or
moisture, doing this will void the warranty
Do not remove the cover, there are no serviceable
parts inside
This unit is intended for indoor use only
Wherever possible, use with a DMX Splitter for safety
and better reliability with DMX cables.
Basic Setup
Install and configure the Driver software on your
Windows™, Linux™or Mac™ computer.
Methods can vary between Operating systems, but
the end result is the same: once installed correctly,
the drivers will allow software to communicate with
Connect the DMX USB PRO to your computer (usb)
and the DMX512 control network (DMX cable).
Load the control software of your choice onto the
computer. You can choose between open-source
(free) and professional (paid) programs. More
information is available at enttec.com/dmxubspro
Run the software and create your show.
For troubleshooting and testing DMX USB PRO,
install and run PRO-Manager.