Bose Lifestyle 5 Series II [17/22] Checking to see if you have a dual voltage Lifestyle® amplifier

AM262840_00_V.pdf January 4, 2002 15
Setting Up Your Lifestyle
Stereo Amplifier
Checking to see if you have a dual voltage Lifestyle
Dual voltage units have a voltage selection switch on the rear panel (Figure 15). Check to see if your unit
has this switch.
This switch is preset at the factory to 230V. If you plan to connect your amplier to 115V (North America),
slide this switch to the 115V position.
Figure 15
Setting the voltage selec-
tion switch to 115V
Powering-up your system
CAUTION: DO NOT plug the AC power cord into an AC (mains) outlet until all other connections are com-
1. Using the power cord included with your Lifestyle
stereo amplier, rmly insert the small connector on
one end of the power cord into the AC power jack on the rear panel of the amplier (Figure 16).
2. Connect the power cord of the Lifestyle
stereo amplier and your Lifestyle
music system to an AC
(mains) outlet.
3. If you own a 230V version, there is a power switch on the rear panel of the amplier. Move this switch to
the ON position.
4. Select a music source with your Personal
music center or your new remote control and adjust the vol-
ume to your liking.
Figure 16
Power cord connection on
the amplifier
115 V