Bose Lifestyle 5 Series II [16/22] Connecting speakers to your Lifestyle® stereo amplifier

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Setting Up Your Lifestyle
Stereo Amplifier
Setting up the RC-5 remote control
If your system uses a Model 5 music center, you need to set up a second RC-5 remote control to operate
your Lifestyle
stereo amplier.
1. Remove the remote control battery cover and locate the miniature switches (Figure 13).
2. Make sure that the house code settings (switches 1, 2, 3, and 4) match those in your rst remote.
3. Slide switch 5 down (off) and 6 up (on).
Note: Refer to your Lifestyle
system owner’s guide for more information on operating your system in more
than one room.
Figure 13
RC-5 remote switch
Connecting speakers to your Lifestyle
stereo amplifier
CAUTION: DO NOT connect the amplifier to powered speakers of any make or model, nor to any amplified
music sources. Doing so may cause damage to the equipment.
Speaker cable consists of two insulated wires. One wire is usually marked (striped, collared, or ribbed), indi-
cating that it should be connected to the positive (+ or red) terminal. The plain wire should always be con-
nected to the negative ( or black) terminal. For recommended wire sizes and lengths, see Wire
recommendations on page 18.
Connect the right speaker cable to the SPEAKER OUTPUT R terminals (Figure 14). Press the red terminal
tab. Insert the wire coming from the speakers positive (+) terminal into the red jack and release the tab.
Press the black terminal tab. Insert the wire coming from the speakers negative () terminal into the black
jack and release the tab.
Connect the left speaker cable to the SPEAKER OUTPUT L terminals in the same way.
Notice which speaker cable is connected to the L (left) output, and which is connected to the R (right) output
on the back of the amplier. Be sure that the speaker positioned on the left in the listening area (as you face
it) attaches to the cable connected to the L output.
Figure 14
Speaker cable connections
on the amplifier