Bose Lifestyle 5 Series II [10/22] Operating speakers in other rooms with the Personal® music center

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Setting Up Your Lifestyle
Stereo Amplifier
Operating speakers in other rooms with the Personal
music center
Systems that have a multi-room interface are controlled by the Personal music center which requires no
internal switch settings before it allows you to control more than one room of speakers. However, if you pur-
chase a second Personal music center, you must follow the procedure for setting up the Personal music
center for the rst time.
Note: Refer to your Lifestyle
system owner’s guide for more information on operating your system in more
than one room.
The Personal music center allows you to control up to four sets of Bose
powered speakers placed in indi-
vidual rooms. These rooms are referred to as room A, B, C, and D, with room A being the primary room (the
one used for a one-room system). If two or more rooms are connected to your system, the Personal music
center displays ROOM and HOUSE buttons, and room indicators (A, B, C, and/or D). Figure 7 shows an
example display for a two-room system.
Figure 7
Sample display for a two-
room system
Press the ROOM button to control a single room or two or more rooms that share a source
Press the HOUSE button to control all connected rooms as one
The room indicators tell you what was selected
by the ROOM or HOUSE button