Lacie 2big Network (2-disk RAID) Datasheet Page: 1

• Share office files and back up data to a central location
• Mirrored volume for ensuring maximum protection against data loss
• Professional shared drive for Windows, Mac & Linux users
• Easy setup and access with LaCie Ethernet Agent
200,000 office presentations
or 250,000 songs
or 1000 movies***
LaCie 2big Network
Professional 2disk RAID
2disk RAID
Shared Office Storage
Designed to satisfy the data sharing and backup needs
of small offices, the LaCie 2big Network represents the
new generation of shared storage with security. This
unique Ethernet storage solution enables you to easily
share professional files and to make them accessible from
anywhere via FTP or HTTP. It can act as a file-sharing server,
a backup server or an FTP server. Available network capacity
can be expanded by attaching up to 2 USB hard drives.
Easy Setup & Access
The new user-friendly LaCie Ethernet Agent makes setup
simple and enables accessing, mapping and configuring
the drives on your office’s network. The 2big Network’s
compatibility with Mac
, Windows
and Linux machines
without having to install drivers make it the ideal file-sharing
solution for small businesses.
RAID Flexibility
Get maximum storage capacity or extra data security in one
affordable yet professional 2-disk RAID solution. Easily and
quickly select your RAID mode with the manual switch on
the back of the drive. For maximum capacity, choose BIG
with concatenation of the two hard drives. For maximum
protection, choose SAFE 100 (RAID 1) for automatic
mirroring of one disk to the other (available capacity =
50%); if one disk fails, data remains accessible on the other
one and the defective disk can be replaced easily with an
optional hot-swappable disk.****
Superior Design
The heat sink metal design naturally draws heat away from
the hard disk’s internal components to help keep it cool
and improve reliability. The 2big Network can be stacked
or rackmounted to conform to every work environment. The
large glowing blue button adds more than character – it
functions as a 1-click data-sharing button for automatic file
transfers from a USB key. Just push the button; your data is
immediately sharable with your colleagues.
Design by Neil Poulton