Clarion M205 Install Manual Page: 1

Owner’s Manual
1. This set is exclusively for use in vessels with a
negative ground 12 V power supply.
2. Read these instructions carefully.
3. Be sure to disconnect the battery “–” terminal
before starting. This is to prevent short circuits
during installation. (Figure 1)
1. Prepare all articles necessary for installing the
source unit before starting.
2. Install the unit within 30° of the horizontal plane.
(Figure 2)
3. If you have to do any work on the vessel body,
such as drilling holes, consult your vessel dealer
1. Place the mounting bracket into the instrument
panel; use a screwdriver to bend each stopper
of the mounting bracket inward, then secure the
2. Wire as shown in Section 7.
3. Insert the source unit into the mounting bracket
until it locks.
4. Take care with the top and bottom of the trim ring
and mount it so that all the hooks are locked.
Note: 1. Some vessel models require special
mounting kits for proper installation. Consult
your Clarion dealer for details.
2. Fasten the front stopper securely to prevent
the source unit from coming loose.
Console opening dimensions
4. Use the enclosed screws for installation. Using
other screws can cause damage. (Figure 3)
1. Do not open the case. There are no user serviceable parts inside. If you drop anything into the unit during
installation, consult your dealer or an authorized Clarion service center.
2. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the case. Never use a rough cloth, thinner, benzine, or alcohol, etc. For tough
dirt, apply a little cold or warm water to a soft cloth and wipe off the dirt gently.
1. Before Starting
3. Installation Precautions
4. Installation of the Source Unit
2. General Precautions
Figure 1
Figure 2 Figure 3
Chassis Chassis
Max. 6 mm (M5 screw)
Max 30°
(182 mm)
53 mm