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Model AVX01BT3CL3
Released 7-25-01.
The transmitters included with the system have been pre-programmed at
the factory, with each button pre-assigned to control a specific function of
the system. Although the system in the vehicle has either a 3, 4, or 5 channel
RECEIVER, depending on the model, the transmitters included with the
system are 7 channel transmitters. This allows you to program each
transmitter to more than one vehicle in two car families and also allows you
to change which button or buttons control certain functions of the system.
(Example: Transmitter channel 5, shown below, can be programmed to
activate Receiver channel 2.) Refer to the chart below for access to each of
the transmitter channels, and for the standard factory button assignments.
1 1 Remote Arm
* Remote Emergency Panic
**Remote Door Lock
2 2 Remote Disarm
*Remote Emergency Panic
***Remote Unlock Drivers Door
**Remote Unlock All Doors
3 3 Push And Hold For 3 Seconds For Opt1
Release, Push 2 Times For Aux. Out.
4 4 **** Pulsed Output for Accessories
5 5 **** Switched Output for Accessories
6 - **** RF
7 - **** RF
* Remote Emergency Panic is available only on certain models.
** Door Lock/Unlock may require additional components in certain vehicles.
*** Unlock Driver Door or Unlock All Doors May Require Additional Components
**** Some of the more common accessories for these additional channels are;
AS 9075 Remote Car Starter
AS 9256 Remote Trunk Release Relay
AS 9154 Remote Garage Door Interface
AS 9153 Remote Window Roll Up