HP 2000-363NR Maintenance and Service Guide Page: 99

Creating restore media
HP recommends that you create either a set of recovery discs or a recovery flash drive to be sure that
you can restore your computer to its original factory state if the hard drive fails, or if for any reason
you cannot restore using the recovery partition tools. Create these discs or the flash drive after setting
up the computer for the first time.
NOTE: HP Recovery Manager allows the creation of only one set of recovery discs or one recovery
flash drive. Handle these discs or flash drive carefully and keep them in a safe place.
NOTE: If your computer does not include an integrated optical drive, you can use an optional
external optical drive (purchased separately) to create recovery discs, or you can purchase recovery
discs for your computer from the HP Web site. If you use an external optical drive, it must be
connected directly to a USB port on the computer, not to a USB port on an external device, such as a
USB hub.
Purchase high-quality DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-R DL, or DVD+R DL discs.
NOTE: Read-write discs, such as CD-RW, DVD±RW, double-layer DVD±RW discs, are not
compatible with the Recovery Manager software.
The computer must be connected to AC power during this process.
Only one set of recovery discs or one recovery flash drive can be created per computer.
NOTE: If you are creating recovery discs, number each disc before inserting into the
optical drive.
If necessary, you can exit the program before you have finished creating the recovery discs or
recovery flash drive. The next time you open Recovery Manager, you will be prompted to
continue the backup creation process.
To create a set of recovery discs or a recovery flash drive:
1. Select Start > All Programs > Recovery Manager > Recovery Media Creation.
2. Follow the on-screen instructions.
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