Edimax BR-6524n Quick installation guide Page: 7

Edimax BR-6524n Quick installation guide Page: 7
1-3 Back Panel
Item Name Description
Power Power connector, connects to 12V power adapter
Reset / WPS
Reset the router to factory default settings (clear all
settings) or start WPS function.
(a) Press this button and hold for 20 seconds to clear
all settings.
(b) Press this button for 2 ~ 5 seconds to start WPS
1 - 4
The router’s 4 LAN ports are where you connect your
LAN’s PCs, printer servers, hubs and switches etc.
WAN Wide Area Network (WAN / Internet) port
To improve wireless signal reception, please arrange the antennas as the picture
shown below (horizontal or vertical installation), and place the wireless access point
in open space. Please keep the distance between antennas, if the antennas are too
close to each other, wireless signal reception will be affected.
The access point shown in the following picture is 3-antenna model. If you’re using
2-antenna model, please also follow the instructions.