Edimax BR-6524n Quick installation guide Page: 5

Edimax BR-6524n Quick installation guide Page: 5
1 Product Introduction
Thank you for purchasing Edimax broadband router! This high cost-efficiency router
is the best choice for Small office / Home office users, all computers and network
devices can share a single xDSL / cable modem internet connection at high speed.
Easy install procedures allows any computer users to setup a network environment in
very short time - within minutes, even inexperienced. When the number of your
computers and network-enabled devices grow, you can also expand the number of
network slot by simple attach a hub or switch, to extend the scope of your network.
You can configure the router by running the Setup Wizard in the CD-ROM
provided in the package. The wizard provides quick setup for the Internet
connection, SSID, wireless security, firmware upgrade and changing router’s
password. When you start the Setup Wizard, you will get the following
Welcome screen. Please choose the language to start with and follow the easy
steps in the Wizard. No instruction for the Setup Wizard is given here.
If you lost the CD-ROM or you prefer the traditional web setup, please follow
the procedures in this Quick Installation Guide to configure the router