Edimax BR-6524n Quick installation guide Page: 21

Edimax BR-6524n Quick installation guide Page: 21
SSID is the name of the wireless router. You may change your SSID to a meaningful
name so that you can identify your wireless router from others. You can use any
alphanumeric characters, up to 32 characters. By default the ESSID is ‘default’.
It’s very important to set wireless security settings properly! If you don’t,
hackers and malicious users can reach your network and valuable data without your
consent and this will cause serious security problem.
It’s recommended to use WPA to protect your wireless router from hackers. Select
Security Settings’ \ WPA-Pre-Shared Key ‘ and enter the Pre-Share Key below.
Use 8-32 alphanumeric characters. Please remember this key, you need this key to
connect to your wireless router wirelessly.
It’s not recommended to use a word that can be found in a dictionary due to
security reason.